Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Maya Angelou Forever Stamp to Be Issued

Angelou Stamp Issued by Ghana in 1997
Congratulations are in order for Maya Angelou on the announcement by the United States Postal Service that it will soon be issuing a postage stamp in the author's honor.  According to the L.A. Times, neither the date of the stamp's issuance or the image to be used on the stamp have been released at this time.

The article notes that Angelou passed away last year at age 86, and recounts the highlights of her varied career.  It also briefly mentions the traumatic experience that marred her childhood so badly that she was unable to speak for the next five years.

I think it is particularly fitting that an author of Angelou's stature and accomplishment is being honored with one of this country's "forever stamps," because she certainly earned her "forever place" in American literary history.


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    1. I've never read a biography of her's but everything I hear about her leads me to believe that she lived one of the more interesting lives of the twentieth century.