Tuesday, May 22, 2012

National Short Story Month - Let's Celebrate!

In celebration of National Short Story month, the folks at Open Road Media have produced an illuminating little video about that form of writing.  Short stories are something that I have come to read fairly regularly - but only after taking years and years to warm up to the format - and I have long said that I believe them to be more difficult to write than a novel.  I suppose that, at least for James Jones, they are completed faster, but telling a complete story or creating a lasting impression within the scope of a limited number of words cannot be easy.

Here, several authors tell us what they think about short stories and a little about how they do it:

And here's some icing for your short story cake: a special collection of six stories by F.X. Toole, Edward Bunker, Eileen Pollack, Brian Garfield, Edna O'Brien and David Corbett gathered just for National Short Story Month.


  1. Loved this, Sam. Thanks for posting. I might have to nick it now!

  2. Please do, Nik. I had a feeling this might be something you would enjoy. It's well done, I think.