Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book Trailer of the Week - "Arlo Needs Glasses"

A heavy schedule of Little League baseball with the grandsons over the long weekend has caused me to be a bit late with this week's (really, last week's) Book Trailer of the Week.  This one highlights a little book designed to make young children feel better about wearing glasses.  It would be interesting to see which is most effective, a positive book like this one, or the nearest young verbal bully who makes a cutting remarks about wearing glasses.  I'm betting (well, at least hoping) that the book will leave a longer-lasting impression.

By the way, one of the boys had a teacher who made wearing glasses such a cool image thing that he was thrilled to be one of the few wearing glasses in his classroom.  That's a great teacher...

5th Book Trailer of the week in a continuing series of unusual and memorable book trailers spotted by Book Chase

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