Sunday, February 05, 2012

Squeezing in a Few Pages on Super Bowl Sunday

Ferris Bueller Superbowl Commercial
As I'm sure all of you know, this is Super Bowl Sunday.  It's hard to hide from it, even if you might want to do that.  I had lunch with my dad this morning and learned that his assisted living is going to show the game in the little movie theater they have there.  It seats about 60 people, the sound is excellent, the screen is huge, and it looks like a great place for up to half the residents to watch the game together.  I think I talked him into watching at least the first half of the game there.

My wife is in the kitchen preparing a potato salad to feed twenty that we are carrying to our own Super Bowl party this afternoon.  So, all in all, I won't have much reading time today.  I have, however, finished The Good Father, a novel about the father of a boy who becomes a political assassin.  I did not find it to be nearly as moving a read as I expected it to be, so I have to call it a bit of a disappointment.  I'm going to gather my thoughts on that one for a couple of days before trying to express them in a formal review.

I decided to go to my Library of America Raymond Chandler collection to choose one of his "later novels" as my next book.  I settled on The Lady in the Lake from 1943, and I'm already hooked.  It really surprises me how contemporary this one still feels.  Except for the obvious references to telegrams instead of cell phones, and the like, this one could be set in today's world.  Of course, I'm only about 35 pages in, so that will likely change.

Well, I'm off to get in another few pages before it's time to get dressed for the party...have fun.


  1. i PRAY DAY AND NIGHT that you never lose your eyesight for if you do,,america will then also go blind for you are the reader of readers...mark shapiro

  2. Hope you enjoyed the superbowl yesterday. It's nice that you managed to get some reading done too!

  3. That's way over the top, Mr. Wizard, but I do appreciate the sentiment you express. Thanks.

  4. Great game, Kathleen. And my team won in its usual gut wrenching fashion, so I left the party a happy fan.