Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Chase 2011 - in Numbers

Being the statistics nerd that I am, I've managed to pull together some end-of-year numbers that reflect the kind of reading year 2011 was for me. I think I was more consistent in my reading this year than I ever have been, with seven months at 10 books read, three with 11 read, and two with 12.  I didn't hit one of my normal "slump" periods in 2011, and that probably means that I chose my reading material more carefully this year then in past years.  I did, however, abandon 9 books again this year, same as in 2010.  I continued to make good use of my public library, and was lucky enough to get my hands on a bunch of really great Advance Reading Copies.  It was a good year.

This, according to the stats, was how it happened:
Number of Books Read - 127

Fiction - 92:
Novels - 90
Short Story Collections - 2

Nonfiction - 35:
Memoirs - 12
Biographies - 5
Literary Criticism - 2
Education - 3
Travel - 2
Sociology - 4
Sports - 1
Science - 1
History - 5

Written by Men - 84
Written by Women - 43
Co-Authored by Both - 0

Audio Books - 15
E-Books - 17
Library Books - 41
Review Copies - 64
Started but Abandoned - 9

Translated: 9
Pages per Day: 93

Length of Average Book Read in 2011 - 306 pages
Total Number of Pages Read (Excluding audio books) = 34,000+ 
I'm excited about moving into the New Year and beginning the sixth year of Book Chase on January 20. I hope to come up with something special to mark my fifth anniversary because that's definitely one I never thought I would be celebrating.  Let's have some fun in 2012; I can't wait to get started.


  1. Happy New Year, Sam! 127 is a terrific total. I'm looking forward to seeing what tantalizing reading treats you wave under my nose in 2012.

  2. Impressive, Sam! A Happy and healthy New Year to you and much good reading.

  3. Thanks, Susan and Ted. I hope you both had a nice day yesterday. I spent mine with family at the Houston NFL game - we lost 23-22 but it was still a good time.

  4. Happy New Year to you, Sam.
    What an amazing year of reading you have had.... me, I only read 39 books, trying with all my might.
    Please tell me your secret, Evelyn Wood.

  5. Ha, no secret, Cip. I just sort of aim for 100 pages a day to keep me on track, seldom make it, but try to come as close to it as possible. I think I averaged 94 pages a day last year, for example.