Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Help Ex-Borders Employees

Photo by Reddit User Jessers25
I think we all agree about how sad it is to see one of the world's major bookstore chains bite the dust - especially when one remembers that Barnes and Noble is not doing all that well either.  Sure, the book-selling business model has changed, e-books are negatively impacting physical bookstores, and blah, blah, blah.  It's all becoming old news, just part of the economic bad news that has all of us numb these days.

But let's not forget the thousands of people out of work as a result of Borders failure to adjust quickly enough to the changing marketplace.  They are hurting - especially since they are looking for work in an economy that can't get the unemployment rate below 9% no matter how much tax money is squandered by the Feds trying to "create" jobs.

Take a look here at: "Help Ex-Borders Employees."  If you have some job leads to share, this is the place to do it.  Let's act like the book community we want to believe we are.

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