Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Laura Lippman Book Giveaway (Contest Closed)

I mentioned back on April 19 that her publisher has been kind enough to offer me three of Laura Lippman's books as giveaway material here on Book Chase.  This is in celebration of the trade paperback release of Lippman's I'd Know You Anywhere.

Well, today's the day.  I am ready to take entries for two free copies of the new trade paperback and one copy of Life Sentences.  All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment to this post expressing your desire to win one of the books and choosing a number between one and twenty (please take care not to duplicate previously chosen numbers).  I will use my handy, dandy random number selector to choose three winners from the entrants.  The first and third winners chosen will receive copies of I'd Know You Anywhere and Life Sentences will go to the second randomly selected winner.

I do suspect that many of you are already familiar with Laura Lippman and her well written psychological crime novels, but those of you who are not might want to take a look here to get a feel for what her work is like:

HarperCollins Laura Lippman website

Book Description of I'd Know You Anywhere
 There was your photo, in a magazine. Of course, you are older now. Still, I'd know you anywhere.

Suburban wife and mother Eliza Benedict's peaceful world falls off its axis when a letter arrives from Walter Bowman. In the summer of 1985, when Eliza was fifteen, she was kidnapped by this man and held hostage for almost six weeks. Now he's on death row in Virginia for the rape and murder of his final victim, and Eliza wants nothing to do with him. Walter, however, is unpredictable when ignored—as Eliza knows only too well—and to shelter her children from the nightmare of her past, she'll see him one last time.

But Walter is after something more than forgiveness: He wants Eliza to save his life . . . and he wants her to remember the truth about that long-ago summer and release the terrible secret she's keeping buried inside.
Laura Lippman Biography

Browse Inside I'd Know You Anywhere


  1. I love Laura Lippman's writing! Please enter me for a chance to win. My selected number is 17.


  2. I'd like to win one of the books. I pick the number 8.
    Thanks for the chance.

    dlodden at frontiernet dot net

  3. Thanks for these fun contests and the chance to win. I pick the number 9.

  4. Is Canada a viable option for shipping? If so I pick #3. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  5. I've never read this author but this book sounds interesting. I'll choose #4

  6. I would love to read her books Thanks so much for the giveaway. I chose number 18
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  7. I'd love a Laura Lippman book. My lucky number is 11.

  8. I will pick number 12.
    I have never read a book by this
    author, however, I could start with
    one of these books.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  9. Both of these books are already on my TBR list. I have read and enjoyed one of her books, TO THE POWER OF 3.

    I choose 6


  10. I'd love to win I'd Know You Anywhere. My number is 14

  11. I look forward to being introduced to this author's work, either through this contest or the library. All the books mentioned look interesting! I pick #13


  12. What a nice thing to do. Laura Lippman's books are terrific. I would like to choose #5.

  13. I've been wanting to read this book! I choose 15!