Tuesday, May 24, 2011

James Lee Burke / Alafair Burke Q&A

I love this self-produced Q&A featuring James Lee Burke and his daughter, Alafair, and find it cool that they would take the time to produce something like this while at what seems to be a family reunion up in Canada.  The questions, gathered from various fans, are read by Alafair's husband.

My favorite nugget from the piece?  Alafair was reading Cool Hand Luke at age five.

James Lee Burke is one of my favorite writers and the first editions I have of his first two Dave Robicheaux novels, Neon Rain and Heaven's Prisoners are two of the most prized books in my personal library.

I confess, however, to not having read Alafair yet - but it won't be long.  She writes a couple of series: one about Portland, Oregon, Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid and one about NYC Police Detective Ellie Hatcher.  She also has a new standalone novel, Long Gone, that is scheduled for release next month.  I always try to read series novels in the order in which they are written, no matter when I finally get around to starting - and, since I have a copy of the first book in the Samantha Kincaid series on my shelves already (Judgement Calls), that's where I'll be starting.



  1. I love the name 'Alafair'
    The Cool Hand Luke anecdote amused me, too and I liked hearing about JLB's literary influences. Also, did you notice that he pronounced Missouri with an A at the end..that is to say, correctly! Good stuff, Sam. Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh! I enjoyed that. So glad I you posted that, Sam. Yes, he DID pronounce Missouri correctly. However, it seems down here in SE MO, a lot of people don't. LOL