Friday, May 20, 2011

Franklin the Turtle Turns 25

Franklin the Turtle might be turning 25 years old in 2011, but he is still a little boy (and one of my favorite cartoons for other little people).

Franklin came along a bit too late for my own two daughters to enjoy him but he was well established by the time their own three children were beginning to watch a little television - and he quickly became a favorite of all of them.  The two boys took to him a little more enthusiastically, because of his gender, I think, than my granddaughter (whose particular favorite was Dora the Explorer), but she loved him, too.

And now, some 24 Franklin the Turtle books are available as e-books.

You've come a long way, little guy.

This brings back some great memories.


  1. That's one of my favorites too. My kids both loved watching him!

    Happy Birthday Franklin!!

  2. My son loved Franklin when he was small. The animated series was on PBS I think but I know for sure he loved several of the books!