Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Note

Fall weekends are always frantic for me, and this one is no exception.  There's just so much going on that sitting down at a keyboard is almost impossible.  I started the day at peewee football game involving my oldest grandson's team (9-year-olds), a classic match between two of the four undefeated teams in the league.  It looked bad for the good guys at first because their opponents returned the opening kick for a touchdown and it was 6-0 just a few seconds into the game.  Luckily that's all the scoring the Patriots would do and our Eagles team won 13-6.

I managed to sneak in an hour's worth of reading on that great new George Washington biography I've mentioned (an October release from Ron Chernow) before working in nice little one-hour nap, proving that even frantic weekends can be resting.  Now I'm watching on television as UCLA beats up on the Texas Longhorns at home (it's 27-12 as I type this) and I'm smiling at all the glum faces in that huge Austin football stadium.  In less than an hour, I'll be switching to baseball for the Astros vs. Pirates - and I still need to see what kind of coverage the National Book Festival is getting on C-SPAN.

Somehow or another, I even finished two books this morning.  I read the last chapter of A World without Islam and, on the way to the football game, listened to the last few minutes of Steve Martin reading his memoir Born Standing Up.  I'm going to have to let both of these titles simmer a bit longer because, honestly, I'm not sure yet how I rate either of them.  Each book had its moments - good and bad.

Tomorrow is a big football day here in Houston.  It's the first regular season match-up in several years between the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys.  For us to be in our seats for the noon kickoff, we have to leave home about 9:45 and I'll be lucky to be home by 5:00 p.m. because it takes forever to empty the stadium parking lot and get past all the stadium traffic.  But, if Houston wins, it will all be worth it.

Life is sweet for this baseball, football, book loving Texan (until the bell rings on Monday morning to start another work week).


  1. I hope the Texans win tomorrow... I love Kubiak!! Although, I have to admit Wade Phillips rocks, too... must be something about ex Broncos coaches :D

  2. It's going to be tough, Kathy. Dallas is desperate for a win in order to save their season. They were hyped as a Super Bowl team before the season started and they look terrible so far. This is a make or break week for them. Desperation might carry the day for them even though Houston has a better team. I leave in just over an hour...

  3. Sorry about the Texans, Sam. I was hoping Dallas would lose again, so I was rooting for them. It wasn't a good day for my team either.

    I didn't know the book festival was on C-SPAN. Do they show the speeches?

  4. It was a long day, Annie, but not too surprising considering that two of our best defensive players were not available (don't ask why) and our best offensive threat played the game with a very painful ankle injury that will probably slow him down for the rest of the season. Even with our terrible pass defense, Dallas did not run away with the game until the second half. It was an exhausting day - traffic was the worst I've seen at a football game in 9 seasons - and I'm still recovering. :-)