Thursday, September 09, 2010

Librarian Sues Over X-Rated Workplace

According to one Birmingham, Alabama, librarian, some big city public libraries should be off limits to children because of the indecent behavior that goes on there.  And she has had enough.  Barbara Ann Wilson is suing the Birmingham Public Library because she has been forced to work in a setting where some patrons use the internet to surf porn sites on the same library computers being used by children.  Her lawsuit claims that she received little or no support from the library manager when some of these same patrons pinched and groped her after she confronted them about their behavior.

From the ABC news site:
The library subscribes to a filtering service, according to its website. It can be turned off, however, at the request of any adult.

The library's policy states, "The library does not control or edit what is made available or filtered out by this service."
Click here to read the entire ABC News article (detailing the charges and possible solutions to the problem).

Not surprisingly, the ACLU has jumped in on the side of the porn-surfers but some of the group's suggested solutions are ludicrous: providing privacy screens on each computer or placing them in a secluded area off the library beaten path.  Perfect.

Someone needs to explain to me why tax dollars should be spent on providing free porn to the homeless and those who cannot afford to indulge themselves in the privacy of their own homes.  The government is well know for its obscene waste of tax money- but this is ridiculous.


  1. One public library I used to go to had these dark screens that fit over the regular computer screen; somehow it made it so only the user could see the screen (or someone looking right over their shoulder). It solved this kind of problem quite nicely.

  2. I imagine they work something like what happens when you try to look at some of the new TVs from the side...can't see a thing. Not a bad solution to a nasty problem.