Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is This Man Insane?

Reverend Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center

This has been a strange week and, try as hard as I can, I can't seem to avoid straying into the suddenly volatile relationship between politics and books.  First it was the hate-filled protests over the new Tony Blair memoir, A Journey.  Now it is the man shown above, Terry Jones, who plans to burn copies of the Koran at his church on September 11.  The man is not concerned that his actions will undoubtedly cost many people their lives.  Muslims will protest his actions - and past protests of this nature have gotten so violent that some of the protesters die in the process of making their feelings known.  Innocent Christians will die when radical Islamists find a way to get their own style of revenge.  More of our soldiers will die in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of the recruiting tool Jones is handing to our enemy in those countries.

I repeat my question: is this man insane?  Can he possibly believe that his brand of Christianity is morally superior to Islam?  

I hate book burnings and what they represent.  The Koran is among the holy books of the world and to see such small-minded people want to destroy it this way disgusts me.  But this is America, and I suppose this man has a right to do what he is threatening to do.  Thankfully, his is a tiny church community of only 50 other ignorantly misguided souls.  Sadly, if he actually accomplishes what he plans, many more than 50 people will die because of his stupidity.

This is going to be ugly unless someone figures out a way to legally stop this from happening.  And the clock is ticking.


  1. I hate that this guy is doing this. I despise that he's doing it in the name of "Christiainty." I'm annoyed that he's getting this much attention for it.

  2. Yes and why is he getting so much publicity with his small congregation of approx. 50...Don't recall the media saying too much about our military losing some people last week (wonder who caused that) and they never seem to have too much (if anything) to say about the stoning, beheadings, and/or our flag being burned and churches being burned, etc....What is the motive of blowing this man's "burning" to every corner of the universe!!! They are just as bad as he is, but as the media and our president says in regard to the Mosque Zero, he has the freedom to say and do what he wants, whether we agree with it or not. The terrorists don't need any excuse to do what they do and are doing...They want to kill all Americans and will do it when they can, no matter what!!

  3. Looks like the man has been intimidated by someone to change his Koran burning on 9-11-10. I don't know who got to him but he claims now that moving the NY mosque was part of the deal. He's obviously a deluded fool...or as someone on Fox news just said, "a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal."

    Sad case.

  4. Anonymous, I agree that the media is guilty of blowing this whole thing out of proportion. This little group of nut cases should have been ignored...but, you know, we have to sell all those high dollar ads on cable TV. The whole thing was handled poorly.

  5. The media doesn't really have that much influence over world views. It was already on the internet all over the world with a huge response before our media emphasized it.

    The Secretary of Defense called him. Also a Muslim in FL talked with him. But he is going to New York as well. I do hope he will behave.

  6. Media and internet are one and the same. Every newspaper, television station and radio stations seems to have its own website. It's all about selling advertising now.

    He's already changing his mind because he says he was lied to and there is not really a deal to move the mosque. This mess may not be over.

  7. Yes, here we are on the very eve [where I live it is one hour to midnight]..... of the day when this lunatic MAY yet light his loony, NAZI-like, bonfire of hate.
    If he does this -- it will be bad.
    Sometimes humans bother me.
    You know, what we are doing to the environment is terrible enough, but nothing compares to the devastation that can result when fundamentalists of any stripe act upon their [ridiculous] exclusivistic religious beliefs.