Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Have a Winner

It's time to give away the Advance Reader's Copy of John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River that I offered last week.

To that end, I took the six "random numbers" chosen in the fourteen comments about Book Chase's third birthday and slipped them into my handy-dandy Random Number Generator:
Kate - 21
Elizabeth - 3
Melanie - 5
Megan - 24
Sheila - 6
Donna - 15
I asked for a number between 3 and 24 to be generated and, on the third try, I hit on one of the six numbers chosen by the contest entrants.

...and the winner is Sheila's number 6. So, Sheila, send me an email with your mailing instructions and I'll get the book out to you as quickly as I can. Thanks to everyone who entered or otherwise commented last week; I appreciate your kind words.

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