Thursday, January 07, 2010

Borders Makes Another Move in E-Books Battle

According to the Washington Post there is another snazzy e-book reader on the horizon, one that will use color more than the rest of the readers currently on the market. And, although it's not mentioned in this Post article, Borders has apparently struck a deal with Spring Design, the new reader's manufacturer, to ensure that the Borders e-book store is the first thing to be seen when readers power up the thing.
The device will feature a Google Android-based platform with full Web browsing capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, audio and video playback and image viewing in a variety of formats. The Alex eReader will also be able to run a number of Android apps.

The Alex eReader boasts a 6? EPD (Electronic Paper Display) screen which allows users to browse the Web in full color while simultaneously searching for and reading digital books. Users can thus click on hyperlinks within online books that lead to relevant information or multimedia content found online in order to enrich their reading experience. EPUB digital books can be searched and downloaded using Google API applications provided by Alex?s eReader.
This is another e-book reader using the EPUB format, further isolating Amazon's Kindle users, and it won't be the last.

As the article points out, Spring Design, just a few months ago, sued Barnes & Noble, claiming that the giant bookseller stole its trade secrets and incorporated them into The Nook. It's a cruel old e-book world out there for booksellers, isn't it?

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