Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free Country Music CD

This is almost too good to be true.

Miss Leslie is offering her latest album absolutely free of charge to anyone who emails asking for a copy. This is the same CD, with the same packaging, that is selling for full retail price all over the web, not some cheap throwaway version.

This is the third Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers album and, in my opinion, it is the best yet. Leslie, who wrote all the songs on the album, has never sounded better, the band is tight, and the album displays some really fine sisters harmony. This is Leslie's way of getting the word out about her music, so take advantage of it if you are a real country music fan - I'm not talking about the crud that plays on country music FM stations today. This is hardcore honky tonk the way it was done back in the sixties - but a girl singer is up front the band.

If you decide to take advantage of the offer, please tell Leslie I said hello. But hurry because the Houston Chronicle publicized this offer last Sunday and when they're gone, they're gone.


  1. Do you think she'd send all the way to Korea??

  2. I get the impression that she is charging postage on international orders but not on domestic ones. Perhaps that's what the $4 is meant to cover?

    You could email her and ask her directly - my guess is that she'd mail to Korea, though.