Saturday, January 03, 2009

Book Recall

Despite the huge potential for this kind of thing, this is the first actual recall of an instructional book that I recall seeing in recent years. According to Augusta's Channel 12, a book on do-it-yourself electrical home wiring could, instead, help you burn it to the ground:

They're supposed to be helpful books that teach you how to do electrical wiring in your home.

It turns out, they'll potentially only help you get hurt and also damage your home.

They're called "Wiring a House, 3rd Ed." and "Wiring Complete, Expert Advice from Start to Finish Instructional Books."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is calling back about 64, 000 of them.

Because the Commission says the books have some errors in the diagrams that could cause you to incorrectly install or repair electrical wiring. That, of course, could be bad news for you.

They were sold at home improvement stores around the country last year for $25.

If you have one, return it to the store where you bought it for a full refund.
Well, I've seen a few self-help books that should have been recalled but never were and several financial advice books that should have never been printed in the first place - surely they were as dangerous as these two wiring manuals (said with tongue firmly in cheeck, I should add).


  1. We had a book recalled awhile ago - it was for a cookbook for dog treats, but some of the ingredients were things that could make dogs sick, or even kill them.

  2. I remember that now...wasn't it written by one of the stars of the Food Network or something?

  3. I don't remember it being by the Food Network, but that doesn't mean it wasn't.