Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Night Book Link Digest

Despite the economic problems facing retailers this Christmas season, booksellers are still optimistic that books will be found under many Christmas trees this year.

New software has some Jews replacing their prayer books with blackberries...

Obama books are moving on up since his election to the presidency Tuesday night. charts have his books in their Top 25 as of this morning.

Michael Crichton got a whole generation of boys to start reading books, including this writer's son.

Maureen Corrigan reviews "Thirteen Books That Shaped America" on NPR.

Ever wonder what books are stacked on and around a book editor's nightstand? This Kansas City Star editor tells us.

Digital textbooks are getting more and more popular across the country. Well, considering the price of most college textbooks and how quickly those prices are rising, this has to be a blessing for most students.

Book sales are down for the month of September. So what's new?

Great books that help inspire courage in children

Texas woman fined $190 for three overdue children's books. Hey, if you're not going to return them, it's a whole lot cheaper to buy your own copy. Lesson learned?


  1. I always think that's so funny when people pay huge fines instead of just buying the darned book. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

  2. It does make me wonder what they're thinking, bookfool, especially in these tight times.