Monday, November 17, 2008

New Pat Conroy Novel Expected August 2009

Finally - something solid on Pat Conroy's new novel, including its proposed publication date.

From Publishers Weekly comes word that the new one is already being "shopped for film."
The Prince of Tides author's new one, South of Broad, is being shopped for film by Lynn Pleshette (and is due out from the author's longtime publisher, Doubleday, in August 2009). The book, which is set in Charleston and follows an 18-year-old named Leopold Bloom King...
Information about Conroy's next novel has been surprisingly hard to come by for about eighteen months now, ever since rumors first began to surface about its "imminent publication," so I'm happy to see something this concrete coming from a source like Publishers Weekly. The bad news is that we're still at least nine months away from seeing the new book.
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