Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Browser" the Cat Is Being Booted from His Library Home

Here's a rather disheartening news story for you on this late Sunday afternoon because of what it says about the petty, vindictive nature of some, people.  I just ran across this short story from Fox News about a Texas library that has evicted the library cat that's been living in the building for the past five years - all because some twit was not allowed to bring her puppy to work and decided to get even with the poor cat.  Geez people.
White Settlement Mayor Ron White told the paper that he blames the gray cat’s eviction on pettiness at City Hall because a city employee wasn’t allowed to bring a puppy to work.
“We’ve had that cat five years, and there’s never been a question,” White said.
Lawmakers took up the cat’s fate at a June 14 City Council meeting under an agenda item listed only as “consider relocation of Library Facility cat Browser.”
“This cat has been loved by people of all ages for six years,” Lillian Blackburn, president of the Friends of the White Settlement Public Library, told the Star-Telegram. “I don’t have any animals but this cat is so gentle and so lovable and he brings so much comfort to so many people, it seems a shame to take him away.”
White is hoping the council will reconsider its action at a July 12 meeting, two days before Brower’s eviction date, according to the paper. 

I have to believe that Browser is going to get a reprieve at that July 12 city council meeting.  Surely the two idiots who voted to boot the cat will come to their senses - one way or the other - by then.  Right?


  1. A puppy is a lot more disruptive than a cat. I hope he gets to stay. Cats seem to just belong in bookshops and a well-behaved library cat would be an asset, I'd think. (Unless some patrons have severe cat allergies...)

    1. A cat in a bookstore or a library is almost an American tradition. I can't imagine how someone thought it would be a good idea to bring a puppy into a library setting...and older dog, maybe...but a puppy would never work. The person that's caused this mess is an idiot, no other way to say it.


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