Friday, October 31, 2014

Breaking Bad Bobbleheads Can Be Found at Barnes & Noble

Here's a quick heads-up to fans of Breaking Bad, the cable TV series that finished up a spectacularly successful run last season.  

As many of you know, action figures for several of the main characters were pulled off the shelves of Toys R Us because of pressure the chain received to get them out of toy stores whose primary customer base is children.  Well, it seems that all of the resulting media talk brought the figures to the attention of a lot of people who never would have otherwise heard of their existence.  Prices for the figures immediately skyrocketed on eBay and finding them in any brick-and-mortar store became more than a little dicey.  

I have not seen the action figures anywhere yet, but I did spot some of the similarly designed bobbleheads at Barnes & Noble this morning (right along side bobbleheads for several  Sons of Anarchy characters). The Walter White one is great, the one for Saul (the crooked lawyer) is pretty accurate, and the one for Jessie not so hot, in my opinion.  

Of course, the one everyone really wants is the Heisenberg version of Walter, and that one was nowhere to be found.  I still hope to find two or three of the actual action figures at a reasonable price, but if not, these bobbleheads are the next best thing.

I also picked up the Sons of Anarchy Clay Morrow figure shown in this post.  Call me crazy, but they make me smile.

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