Thursday, September 06, 2012

Book Trailer of the Week - The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving

This latest Book Trailer of the Week is not an obvious choice because after watching it a couple of times I was still not at all sure what The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving is about.  Frankly, for all I knew, the book could have been nonfiction.  But, as it turns out, this is a comic novel, not some handbook on efficient caregiving techniques.  Yes, I know that the book is clearly marked "A Novel," but look at that cover.  There's practically a short story written on it - making it very easy to miss the word "novel."

What makes this my book trailer of the week is the fact that it planted the book title (and cover) into my mind so successfully that, when I spotted it on the shelves at Barnes & Noble last Sunday, I grabbed it. Then, while flipping through the book, reading a paragraph here and there, getting the physical feel of the book, etc., I decided I wanted to read it.  And I expect a copy to hit my doorstep early next week.  So, yes, Book Trailer of the Week, it is:

 11th Book Trailer of the week in a continuing series of unusual and memorable book trailers spotted by Book Chase (even though I am only finding one or two a month lately).


  1. Shepherd's Pie. Guinness. Yeah, I love this author already.

  2. Yeah, I admire his effort, too. He's ready for anything now.