Sunday, March 18, 2012

Faded Love in Spring, TX

I did get some quality reading time in this morning, but I just wanted to share a little taste of where I spent the afternoon.  This is some footage I shot at a benefit for a local guitar player who is suffering from cancer and trying to raise money for his treatment.  His friends and fellow-pickers turned out for about seven hours of nonstop music on his behalf.

This is "Faded Love," and you would never guess from watching this that it was the first time these guys had ever played together in this combination.  With no rehearsal, they killed on this song (the young man in the red shirt and the fiddler with the pony tail are from an Irish rock band that calls Houston home base).  The rest of the group have played together a lot and are some of the mainstays of the Houston country music scene.  Lead singer is Leslie Sloan, a friend; the swing guitar is played by Wayne Turner; Harlan is on bass.  Enjoy.


  1. Sam, the harmonizing of the fiddles at the start of the song, and again toward the end -- isn't that gorgeous? Hard to believe that this was an inaugural performance for this particular bunch of musicians.
    I just found out TODAY that Steve Martin is bringing his banjo talents to my city for this summer's BluesFest.

  2. If you are a fan of Steve Martin's writing or movies, Cip, you should definitely go see him on banjo. I'm assuming he will be there with the Steep Canyon Rangers who are an excellent band that Steve is lucky to have teamed up with for his summertime touring.

    Did you see this video I posted last June here of a 2011 performance of theirs? If not, take a look:

  3. Yep, I had already seen this video and just loved it, and you're right, he'll be here with those Rangers. I want to go. The guy is so crazy talented... I even really loved his latest novel -- An Object of Beauty.

  4. I still haven't seen that novel of his around, Cip, although I've read three of his books now. I'll have to look for it; thanks for the reminder.