Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Memories of Miss Devine

I have featured an animated short or two from the StoryCorps people already but I couldn't resist embedding this new one about Miss Devine - she is a character I will definitely remember for a while.
(StoryCorps is a project to help people record the stories of their lives.  To date, some 70,000 people have participated in over 35,000 interviews and the results can be heard on National Public Radio and at the group's website.  If this is something that touches your heart, please consider contributing to the project.

The link takes you to the main page of the StoryCorps site.  I purposely linked to that page because it explains everything about the project and includes links that allow you to get a real feel for the quality of the product being produced by the group.


  1. Story Corps is a such a great project, isn't it? I echo your enthusiasm for them!

  2. I'm happy to see that others enjoyed the animation as much as me. I've watched it four or five times now and it still makes me smile.