Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Mother and Daughter Book Club Ends Ten-Year Run

The Walnut Creek, California, Mother and Daughter Book Club is about to close its doors after a remarkable ten-year run.  Amazingly enough, the book club is only breaking up at all because the "daughters" part of the equation is moving on to college in just a few weeks.
The Walnut Creek-based book club met recently to review all the book club picks and reminisce experiences over the past decade. Books from the "American Girl" series were among the group's first choices before they soon graduated toward young-adult novels, their themes ranging from lighthearted to serious. As the girls matured, so did the book picks, Allison said.
"In middle school, when our daughters would not sit with us one-on-one to talk about sex, drugs, friendships, confidence, or values; they talked endlessly about those issues in book club. Through books, we helped our girls navigate these hard years, and made sure they heard our opinions and perspectives, as well as those outside their comfort zone. We made sure the girls knew they had five other moms, and that if for some reason, they couldn't turn to their own, they had one of us."
The book club was a safe haven for these mothers and their daughters, a neutral site where they could discuss all those "growing up" topics in a nonjudgemental setting.  These young women and their mothers will remember the Mother and Daughter Book Club for the rest of their lives - and well they should.  What a great idea...what a great story.

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