Sunday, September 20, 2009

National Book Festival - Thank you, Laura Bush

It's that time of year again. The National Book Festival (started by Laura Bush when she lived in D.C.) happens on September 26 and the Texas Book Festival is scheduled for the end of October. I doubt I'll ever be fortunate enough to get to Washington D.C. for its book festival but I'm really starting to get excited about spending some time in Austin for the one in Texas.

Click here to get to the festival homepage. The site includes lots of information pertaining to this year, great links to prior festivals, and links to digitized historical newspapers and author podcasts.

(Click on the poster for a better look - it's great.)

Those who plan to attend the National Book Festival will have the opportunity to meet and hear a large, diverse group of author/speakers:



Sponsored by James Madison Council


Sponsored by National Endowment for the Arts


  1. This is my first year that I'll be going. I actually timed my visit home to my family to coincide, which I thought was very clever of me!

  2. I asked off of work months ago so I could go. I loved it last time I went.

    I just finished planning my day to hear/see the authors I want to see. :)

    You should come up for it sometime, Sam.

  3. Hey Sam -

    I'm actually going to the one in Austin too. We (my sister and me) are definitely going to see Jane Smiley and P.C. and Kristin Cast. Any advice for a first timer?

  4. Clever, indeed, Rhapsody. I've only been to D.C. a couple of times and that was before the existence of the festival. I'll make it one day - something to look forward to.

  5. I'll meet you up there one of these years, Annie. I can't fly anymore so I'll have to time it around a vacation or after I've retired from racing all the other rats.

  6. Erin, my advice would be to pick your spots carefully because of the overlap in sessions. Last year I had a couple of difficult choices to make and I still regret one of them.

    Also, the setting is beautiful, so make sure that you schedule at least one session for the House Chambers and one for the Senate Chambers. You actually get to sit at the desks in the room if you get there early enough. Otherwise, you are seated upstairs in the viewing area or on benches surrounding the walls downstairs.

    It's a great festival even if they don't seem to have any ARCs to handout. I met some interesting folks there last year - authors and fellow readers alike.