Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bluegrass & Honky Tonks

I haven't been posting here in the last few weeks about my love for country music because I don't want to run anyone off for good. But my love for the music is as strong as ever - so I started a new blog exclusively devoted to country music, bluegrass music, and the written word about anything pertaining to roots music.

I remembered tonight that several of you did seem to have a genuine interest in the music, so I decided to post the link to my second blog here.

It's called Bluegrass and Honky Tonks (a title which has offended a few purists on both sides of the equation already). I am posting lots of video that I've taken in the last several months, much of it local to Houston, lots of music news, and even some heartfelt opinion guaranteed to offend at least 50% of the people who read it. If you are interested, or even curious, feel free to click on the link and check out how it's grown since June 6, the day I posted there for the first time.

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