Sunday, May 17, 2009

When It Rains...

Several weeks ago, I marked this weekend on my calendar as one of those rare ones I hoped to fill with nothing but a whole lot of live country music. It was almost too good to be true the way things were coming together for that weekend, and you know what happens when something is too good to be true - it doesn't happen.

For starters there was an extremely rare bluegrass concert in a little town just 20 miles north of me. Then there was the private party I snagged an invitation to that was featuring one of my favorite country bands and two other really good ones. And there was the big Country Roots show at Houston's Trader's Village, a huge flea market only 15 miles from home.

Work obligations caused me to miss out on the bluegrass festival but I hoped to make up for that loss by attending the party. Then it happened - lightning, thunder, heavy rains, and even a little flash-flooding. I sat in the car waiting for things to lighten up but, after 40 minutes listening to rain pound the roof and hood of my car, I gave up because the grounds were soaked and that much lightning around tall trees scares me to death.

So everything was washed out for me until today when the weather finally cleared up and I made it out to Trader's Village where I experienced a fun afterfnoon listening to four great bands. I'm posting one video that I shot this afternoon featuring Amber Digby & Midnight Flyer. I have to tell you that my copy of this song is much clearer than what shows up via this YouTube video - why, I have no idea. Something bad happens in the upload process to YouTube, that's for sure.

Amber Digby, Dicky Overbey on steel, Randy Lindley on lead guitar, Ben Collis on bass guitar

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