Saturday, February 21, 2009

John Updike Videos

Hard as I find it to believe that Katie Couric actually may have read much of John Updike's work, I did find this CBS tribute to be interesting because the deaths of very few writers get this kind of treatment on any of the major network evening news programs these days.

As usual, Katie does a fine job with the teleprompter, but if you are more interested in hearing from Updike concerning The Widows of Eastwick, and you have 85 minutes to spare, there's this from the New York Times.

October 28, 2008 interview.


  1. Katie did do a nice job. Thanks for posting this, Sam.

  2. If you get the chance to watch the longer one, too, Bybee, I think you'll find it very interesting. It has to be one of the last long interviews that Updike did, I imagine.

  3. I agree. Katie did a great tribute to Updike. I am also surprised he received a full 2 minutes of evening news time. Usually they reserve these types of tributes for the morning shows.

  4. That's why it struck me as so unusual, too, Rebecca. That makes the whole thing very impressive.