Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Time - Alan Jackson

I know more than a few Alan Jackson fans who were concerned that Alan’s previous album marked a permanent change of direction for him. That album, produced by Alison Krauss, will likely prove to be the worst selling album in the Alan Jackson catalog so it is good to see that Good Time is a return to form for him. His fans can stop worrying now.

Good Time is jam-packed with solid country music and, as usual for an Alan Jackson album, the songs will appeal to a wide audience. There are love ballads for the ladies, a drinking song or two for the guys, some autobiographical songs, and lots of Alan Jackson humor on display.

Alan shares some of his own story on “Small Town Southern Man,” the first single from the album, a song in which he pays tribute to his father, and on “1976” in which he describes some of the notable highlights of 1976, the year he met his wife at the local Dairy Queen. One suspects that the lady has a sense of humor after listening to “Nothing Left to Do,” Alan’s description of “one night in the life” in which he tells us that there’s “nothing left to do now that we’ve done it.”

Other examples of Jackson’s humorous touch are “I Still Like Bologna,” in which he admits to enjoying plenty about the digital age but says that he’s not ready yet to give up all of life’s simple pleasures and “If Jesus Walked the World Today,” in which he imagines that when Jesus comes back it will be as a hillbilly.

“If You Want to Make Me Happy,” a traditional honky tonk song, kicks off with a fiddle and closes with a steel guitar. What more can a country fan ask for? How about a hook that advises, “If you want to make me happy, pour me bourbon on the rocks and play every sad song on the jukebox.” Does it get any better than that, country fans?

Good Time includes a love song duet with the talented Martina McBride, “Never Loved Before,” that may be destined to be a single at some point. It is just one of at least half a dozen love songs on the album, some of which are mid-to-up-tempo songs that even the guys will enjoy.

Alan Jackson fans will love this album…and, with seventeen songs on it, Alan is offering us a real bargain. Buy this album. You won’t be sorry. It’s not a perfect album, but it is, for the most part, real country music.


  1. I have to say that "Small Town Southern Man" is one of my favorites on the radio right now. I've been thinking about getting the cd. I've been anonymously reading your blog for a few months now and there's always something fun to read about! You can't go wrong with books and country music. =)

  2. I don't think Alan's project with Alison was what he intended it to be. He asked her to work with him on a bluegrass album and she suggested they go a different route.

    The same route she's taken with her latest CD with Robert Plant.

    I think Alan was just his usual humble self and let Alison follow her vision for him rather than his own.

    I am glad he's back to doing what he usually does.

    Love his new album.

  3. Emmegail, thanks for the kind words and the comments about Alan and country music. Glad to have you with us.

  4. I think you are right about Alan just going along to get along, Jolene, but it was a bad, bad decision. His career took its first real knock and that's thanks to Alison.

    She seems intent on following a different musical direction than the one that placed her where she is. That's fine with me...her career, her choice. But I hate to see her bring down others with her. Alan wised up in time to save himself, thank goodness.

  5. Let's hope Alan wised up soon enough. I've heard him mention recently he'd still like to do a bluegrass album.

    Hopefully not with Alison.

  6. Jolene, I think Alan's fans will forgive one slip. I do hope that he makes that bluegrass album he's talked about but, like you, not with Alison, please. I'd love to see him work with Del McCoury on Del's new label...suspect that Del could produce a fine bluegrass album for Mr. Jackson.

  7. Was his last Like Red on a Rose? I couldn't believe how DULL that was! I'm a medium-sized Alan fan (I prefer Brad Paisley but Alan can be fun) and I was so put off (and put to sleep!) by that one. But I'm glad to hear he's back to his old self again.

  8. That's the one, Librarian, but I call it "Stink on...you know what." It was a terrible album and I blame it all on Alison Krauss. What started out as a bluegrass project was turned into that bland piece of puff for the ladies (but I think it bored them, too.)