Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dwight Yoakam Wednesday

It's been a while since I've shared a bit of authentic country music here, so if you're in the mood, here's "Always Late," the Lefty Frizzell classic as done by the one and only Dwight Yoakam. I'm not sure the year on this one, but Dwight was looking and sounding great. I hope you enjoy the break.


  1. Hillbilly Deluxe, so that would be '87, or maybe '88 when the video came out.

    He's so young here!

  2. Dwight came to the Missouri State Fair back in 89. Clint Black opened for him. Two terrific shows! Clint did a wonderful ten minute version of "Steamroller Blues". This concert was a sublime ending to what I know was a so-so summer, but all that remains in my memory is that the whole summer was sublime.

  3. Long time ago, SFP...time really gets away from me. I first saw Dwight in a local record shop that was introducing him and Lyle Lovett to the shoppers in the store that Saturday afternoon. Asleep at the Wheel was also there to do five or six songs...great shopping trip. :-)

    That must have been 1985?

  4. Great memories, bybee...what a great pair of singers on one bill that was!

    Clint's a local boy and I remember seeing him one time singing from the back of a pickup truck during a rodeo camp out...singing for free beer. I think he was probably still a teenager at the time.

  5. I'm jealous of seeing Dwight and Lyle in a record shop, most definitely. My friend C. has a thing for Lyle and talked to him backstage a few years back when he was here.

    I've been to a couple Clint shows, once when he was opening for . . . gosh, I can't remember, and once when he was headlining.

  6. Those are three of my favorites, SFP...can't go wrong with any of them, other than maybe some of Clint's post-marriage, very syrupy love songs. Marriage certainly didn't help the boy's music.