Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Night Honky Tonk - 2

This is a clip of one of my favorite country singers, the fantastic James Hand, appearing at my favorite Austin honky tonk, the famous Broken Spoke. James writes his own songs and it is sometimes very clear that he writes them from personal experience, a combination that results in some of the most heartfelt country music you'll ever hear. This one is called "A Floor to Crawl and a Wall to Climb."

God bless Texas...


  1. I really enjoyed that clip!
    Don't know if anyone will agree with me but his voice reminded me a little of Hank.

  2. Nick, the first time I saw James in a live setting, one of my first thoughts was of how much his physical size and mannerisms remind me of the great Hank Williams Sr...also his voice and singing style.

    I do suspect that James gets a bit tired of the comparison but it's obvious to everyone, especially on first exposure to his music.