Friday, July 27, 2007

Stephen King for American Express

Over the years, I've taken a dislike to almost everything that carries the name American Express, especially their former financial services company. But I still have somewhat of a soft spot for their old television commercials because they almost always made me laugh.

I'd forgotten about this one, from the 1980s, that featured author Stephen King. King was not quite the legend that he is today, but he was getting there.


  1. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. :)

    My mom's boss at her old job looked like Stephen King's heavier brother. It was kind of creepy.

  2. Your mom's boss must have people looking more closer at him all the time, Eva...does sound spooky.

    Isn't it strange how old commercials can make a person feel nostalgic? That's how that one makes me feel.


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