Monday, June 06, 2016

The Crossing

Harry Bosch has a lot of time on his hands these days, and now he’s getting bored.  That is not a good combination for Bosh – and it’s especially not a good one for the bad guys out there, be they bad cops or the more common every day varieties of predators who might catch Bosh’s eye. 

It wasn’t Bosh’s idea to turn in his LAPD badge to spend his days rebuilding a vintage motorcycle, but what’s an old cop to do with his time after being forced out of the department on overblown charges stemming from a minor departmental rules violation?  Steamed as he is – and Harry has even filed a lawsuit against the department for wrongful termination – he never imagined that he might end up changing sides, working to prove the innocence of an almost certainly guilty murder suspect.  Doing that goes against every instinct Harry has about law enforcement, and it is such a repudiation of a cop’s purpose in life that he knows every policeman in the city will consider him a turncoat – and treat him like one.  He has done it to other retired cops, himself.  But when his half-brother, Mickey Haller (aka The Lincoln Lawyer), catches Harry in a weak moment, that is exactly what he agrees to do. 

Michael Connelly
More to shut Mickey up than for any other reason, Harry lets himself be talked into reviewing the case file pertaining to the vicious murder/rape Mickey’s client is charged with committing.  He figures that the case against the accused man is probably so solid that reviewing the file notes will allow him to turn down Mickey’s job offer in good faith.  But Harry still has the knack for yanking on loose thread ends to see what they lead to on the other end…and when he finds what appears to be just such a thread in the murder file, he can’t resist yanking on it.  Before he knows it, Harry is sucked into a one-man crime investigation calling for all his old skills and, not coincidentally, even a little help from inside the LAPD.  And if he’s lucky enough to survive, Harry is going to prove that he’s still one of the best investigators in Los Angeles – even if the LAPD brass don’t agree with him.

Not unexpectedly, Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller make a good team, and fans of both characters are going to love The Crossing and hope it’s not the last time the pair works together.  For Harry, it seems there is life after the LAPD, a life every bit as rewarding and dangerous as the one he knew inside the department.  For Mickey, it’s a chance to show his brother that criminal defense lawyers are not always the bad guys despite what Harry’s lifetime of law enforcement instinct tells him. 

Harry and Mickey, opposites in so many ways, spend their lives working to achieve the same thing: justice.  And this time they just might find it.

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