Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Road Again - Again

Somewhere near the Tennessee border heading to Kentucky

I just received the last go-ahead I needed to allow me to feel comfortable enough to leave Houston for a few days. I had planned to go up to Ohio at the end of July but a personal commitment during that same week makes it impossible for me to be gone then. Luckily for me, it now appears that Plan B is going to work out. That means I will be heading out before daybreak tomorrow morning to make my way back to Owensboro, KY - this time for ROMP 2010, the annual bluegrass music festival sponsored there by the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

It is about 975 miles from Houston to Owensboro and I usually drive that in one very long day. This year will be a bit trickier than normal because I'm leaving a day later for KY than I have in the past because of the way everything came together at the last minute. But, since this is the fifth year in a row I've attended this event, I feel confident that I will get there in plenty of time to enjoy everything that's scheduled.

Posting will probably be light, at least for a day or two, but I do hope to post something new several times while I'm away from home. If last year is any indication, and it is supposedly even worse now than last year, Owensboro's heat and humidity will completely zap me. But, hey, I have good intentions, so check back when you can.


  1. I'm glad you're getting to attend the festival again...have a great time!

  2. 975 miles? In one day?? That is one heck of a feat! I'm glad you made it ok (I read Wednesday's post w/the pics) and it looks like you're set to have a blast! Hope the humidity holds out for you!