Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lynndie England Sues Man Who Wrote Her Biography

"Tortured: Lynndie England, Abu Ghraib and the Photographs That Shocked the World"has sold somewhere between 20 and a few hundred copies according to Gary S. Winkler, the man who wrote it. To add to Winkler's problems, he is now being sued by England who claims that Winkler has stolen her story (and its profits) from her.

A quick check of shows the book at number 371,361 - with one copy in stock. From those numbers, I have to suspect that the profits are minimal, at the very best. According to the Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail:
Winkler denies any wrongdoing and said he welcomes a Sept. 23 hearing in Hampshire County Circuit Court.

"The book is not selling well,'' said Winkler, of Fincastle, Va. "I think there's this impression I've been sitting on this cash. I wish it were true. ... Nobody's getting rich here. I'm in the hole.''
The Huff & Bluff blog (some still insist on calling it the Huffington Post) quotes Winkler as saying:
Winkler said his relationship with England, Hardy (England's attorney) and Hardy's wife, Christy, has been difficult from the start, when he signed on to what he believed would be an autobiography. But he said he took on a bigger role when England had trouble communicating.

"She's not a deep person unless you make her reflect on what was going on," Winkler said. "The only way to get anything out of her was to go up there and get into her home and sit down at her kitchen table. I had to hammer her. I sat with her for countless hours. I wanted people to see a human being."
What a mess. Why don't I feel sorry for any of these folks? Torture is what I would have to experience before I would even consider reading this.
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