Wednesday, September 09, 2009

James Patterson Signs Ridiculous Contract

I'm sorry, but news that James Patterson has just signed a 17-book contract only solidifies my opinion of the general poor quality of the man's work. Patterson has been placing his name on books "co-written" with others for a while now - and those books become best sellers simply because his name is on them.

Now he is to write 17 books in the next three years (through 2012) according to the New York Times:
...on Tuesday, the Hachette Book Group announced that it had signed a deal with Mr. Patterson that would cover 17 books. Hachette said that 11 of the books would be for adult readers and released by Little, Brown & Company (in hardcover) and Grand Central Publishing (in paperback); the remaining 6 would be handled by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. The books will be divided among Mr. Patterson’s various best-selling series and feature his detective characters Alex Cross and Michael Bennett as well as the Women’s Murder Club.
Right, I can just imagine the high quality of books written at that pace. How does he get away with it? Do some readers only buy off the best seller list - and only the five authors they have ever heard of, at that?
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