Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway of Limited Edition Libby Fischer Hellmann Short Story

Remember this review of Doubleback I posted last Wednesday?

You might also recall that I mentioned in the comments after the review that I might have a surprise this week regarding the book and its two main characters.

Well, here goes: Libby Fischer Hellmann has very graciously provided me with several copies of a specially written, limited edition short story in which PI Georgia Davis and video producer Ellie Foreman meet for the first time. Fans of Hellmann's novels will know that the two women are featured in novels of their own and, most recently, in a new novel that sees them working together for the second time.

The short story is in the form of a little 15-page paperback and each copy is numbered to indicate its place in the limited edition. I'll be honest - I received four copies of the story (numbers 31-34) but I am only giving away three of them as prizes. This time I can't resist keeping one for my own collection.

I really want the three giveaway copies to go to the readers who will most appreciate them. All you need to do is post a comment to this announcement telling me why you want one of the three copies Libby is allowing me to give away here on Book Chase. I will judge strictly on what I perceive your level of interest to be and, if I end up with more than three entries in a tie, I will use my magic random number generator to break the tie.

Don't be intimidated or embarrassed about expressing yourselves. I don't want to discourage any entries; I only want to place these stories in "good homes." (That last bit is another of my lame attempts at making a joke - sorry about that.)
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