Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dropping an 80-foot Tree in 45 Minutes

I'm a little off-topic this evening, but I want to share a brief clip of a Houston tree-removal crew in action. I went outside yesterday afternoon to investigate the noise coming from across the street from my house and discovered these guys in the midst of bringing down a huge pine tree in my neighbor's front yard. This tree was over 80 feet tall but it was taken down in less than an hour by one guy in the tree and a half-dozen helpers on the ground. It was, to say the least, an amazing thing to watch.

Trees all over Houston are being taken down right now in anticipation of what could happen if a hurricane strikes Houston again this year. The area looks and feels normal again (with the possible exception of Galveston Island) and no one wants to have their house crushed two years running - thus, the sacrificing of hundreds of healthy trees growing in dangerous spots.

The size of the tree only comes into perspective when I pan far enough back to show the two-story house behind it. This guy must have had quite a view from up there.


  1. Wow! He was totally making me nervous with that chainsaw swinging by his leg! Great resolution on that film!

  2. I hate to admit it, Rhapsody, but it flashed through my mind a couple of times that I was about to film someone's tragic end.