Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009 - Houston, TX

My father during World War II (third from left)

This is just a short clip showing a small fraction of the markers honoring the Houston-area veterans buried at Houston National Cemetery - about 8 miles south of my house. I was happy to see that several hundred people were at the cemetery this morning to honor these men and women. Houston National Cemetery is a 420 acre cemetery housing the remains of almost 68,000 veterans (at the end of 2008). I'm sure that number is growing rapidly since approximately 900 World War II veterans die somewhere in this country every day, many of them from this area. My 87-year-old father is a surviving World War II veteran, having spent three years in Europe (1943-45) during which he saw fighting all the way from the beaches of Normandy to Leipzig, Germany.

Let us never forget what these men and women went through to defend the rest of us. I particularly feel bad for the Viet Nam veterans because of the generally horrible way they were treated when they returned to American soil - thanks to despicable people like that media darling, William C. Ayers and his fellow scum. (Yes, I admit to hating this man and everything for which he stands now or ever in his past. The fact that he escaped prison on a technicality is one of the most shameful things that happened during that era - and, just as shamefully, he still gets away with murder today.)


  1. Well said Sam. I picked your father out before I read your post. You look like him. Have a great day.

  2. I despise william ayers (I will not even give him uppercase letters) and cannot believe what he and his buddy got away with just recently. I also cannot believe how many people just made excuses for him during the election. It makes me ILL.

  3. More and more people are starting to tell me how much we look alike, Melanie...don't know if that's good or bad at this point. :-)

  4. The man is lower than dirt, JoAnn. I would love to see him lose his smirk once and for all. Very few people have ever affected me this way...Jane Fonda, maybe.