Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chris Matthews, Book Critic Supreme

Chris Matthews, according to the Christian Science Monitor, is one of the most amazing book critics in the world. Unlike most book reviewers, Matthews has the rather unique ability to review books before they are even written. I only wish I were half as talented as Mr. Matthews.

The main criticism that Matthews makes, after ridiculing Palin's ability to even read a book, much less write one, is that she is using a collaborator to help her with her book.

Now, I am not even close to being a fan of Sarah Palin. Her planned book is not one that would appeal to me in the least - but, unlike Super Critic, Chris Matthews, I realize that does not necessarily mean that Palin is writing a "bad" book.

What I find most ridiculous is that Matthews has such a selective memory when it comes to politicians hiring "collaborators" to help with their books. Did he forget that Hillary Clinton had "help" writing her prize winning It Takes a Village or that very, very few politicians write their own books? Barry Goldwater's famous The Conscience of a Conservative was ghost written but Goldwater got all the credit for the book. There are even rumors that John Kennedy did not write his famous book, Profiles in Courage, and that President Obama may not have written his books without help from a ghost.

This is simply the way that it is done. Politicians are not writers and the vast majority of them on both sides of the aisle do not do their own grunt work when it comes to writing a book.

Get over yourself, Chris. You are not a Super Critic - you, sir, are a rather common Political Hack.


  1. He is a JERK! I just love how you word everything. I loved your post about Elizabeth Edwards too. I even read it to my husband. Keep up the good work. (or words:)

  2. Sam, during the election i wrote Matthews an (unacknowledged, natch) e-mail telling him that his friend Tim Russert would be ashamed of him. I truly believe that.

    Matthews needs to lay off the sauce. I swear he has been drinking when he goes on air.

    But no matter what, he is still a HUGE JERK.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Melanie...much appreciated.

  4. I don't understand how a supposedly professional news guy can be so oblivious to his image. I don't call many people liars but he is definitely one. I think he has pretty much killed his career everywhere but CNBC now because no one takes him seriously anymore. He's almost a parody of himself - a Saturday Night Live character.

    It's a real shame that politics have to encroach on everything else these days, making it impossible to escape.

  5. Matthews should wait for Palin's book to be written and published. His remarks show a lack of class. I hadn't planned to read her book, but such boorish behavior almost makes me want to, now. Almost.

    I haven't read all of Obama's books, but something in me believes that he wrote Dreams From My Father without assistance.

  6. Suzi, the man has no class. Maybe he never has, but he fooled me for a long time. He is just a puppet now, a one-trick pony, a joke.

    As for Obama, I am like you. That particular book is so personal that I want to believe he wrote it himself - and maybe he did. Rumors are definitely out there that he had some help, but if it was just polishing and major editing that would be no big deal. What usually happens, though, is that the politician provides an outline or is interviewed by the ghost - who puts together a first draft for the politician to work over. It is not necessarily a bad thing - it is very normal.

  7. Matthews seems to contradict himself saying that Palin doesn't have the talent to write a book, then belittling her for having a collaborator. Obviously she is smart enough to realize she is not a natural author and that her book would be benefitted by working with someone experienced in the field.

    I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin's (or Chris Matthews, for that matter) but to badmouth something that you don't know anything about is simply wrong. Matthews is showing his ignorance here.

  8. Alissa, the real truth of the matter, IMO, is that Matthews could not care less about the actual book. His whole agenda is about neutralizing any future political future Palin might have by making her look stupid. That is all this hack cares about.

    (Personally, I don't think Palin is smart enough, or experienced enough, to be considered for national office - but then Joe Biden pops up again, so maybe I'm underestimating her.

  9. Mathews is a paid part of the democratic party and GE. GE is doing its work to keep Obama going so they win contracts. That is the story as laid out by O'Reilly. They have existing goernment business with the aviation division, healthcare division, got a chunk of money to bail out their finance division, and hope to get more on green technology. They should be forced to divorce themselves from the news media ownership.

    But the story on Hillary Clinton and her past books makes Mathews a clear joke once again. Read the NY Times on Hillary problems writing books with her collaborators and when she had problems, it was her and her AIDES who made the changes.,%20David%20D.