Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-Thon - Nine-Hour Update

This was an interesting three hours. The weather here is so bad that, at times, it is almost as dark outside as night time and that, plus the sound of raindrops hitting the roof, has made it extremely difficult to keep my eyes open,

Then I decided to go back to Case Histories for another chapter or two - and that made me even sleepier until I found the most uncomfortable chair in my father's house and sat up in that to read for the last hour. Now I'm not sleepy but my back hurts.

Oh well, maybe the pain will keep me awake long enough to add more pages to my total. It's hard to believe there are still 15 hours to go...what is going to happen to me when it really does get dark outside?

I read two more Cheever stories (I'm really enjoying those more than anything I've read today), another chapter from Saints in Limbo and a long chapter from Case Histories (which started to catch my interest again toward the end of the chapter).

But all of that effort, surrounded by a half-dozen very short catnaps, resulted in only 62 pages read in three hours, bringing my total for the day to 203 pages. Very obviously, my goal of 720 pages is rapidly slipping out of reach.
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