Friday, April 24, 2009

Alabama Library Suffers New Low in Vandalism

The Bay Minette, Alabama, public library has suffered one of the most despicable acts of vandalism imaginable. It is not only that $650 worth of books was destroyed - it is the type of books that were chosen for destruction and how they were destroyed that makes this crime particularly difficult to stomach.

From the website of WKRG News 5 (CBS):
The Bay Minette Police Department is investigating what they're calling one of most sickening cases they've ever been involved with. Somebody urinated on more than 40 books inside the public library. The books were worth 650 bucks...all of them were in the religious section. Books about Jesus Christ, Christmas and faith are covered in urine and are now worthless. Bay Minette's mayor says the act of vandalism was vile, sickening and unbelievable.

"It was disgusting," says Mayor Jamie Tillery. "It was an act of vandalism against the entire city. We will not tolerate vandalism of any sort."

Librarians filed a police report and put the damaged books inside plastic trash bags. The books will eventually be thrown out.

I suspect that this was done by a young person and not an adult. Either way, though, someone needs to pay the price here, including a good dose of public humiliation to make sure this kind of thing does not happen again.
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