Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dailey & Vincent

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent, both veterans of years working with big-name bluegrass bands, have now teamed up to form a band of their own and have recently released their first album, the self-titled Dailey & Vincent. Dailey is best known for the nine years he spent with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, the band he left in August 2007. Vincent, brother of Rhonda Vincent, got his start performing with his family’s band, The Sally Mountain Show, and has worked with the biggest names in bluegrass and country music in recent years.

If Dailey & Vincent is any indication, these guys have a very bright future in bluegrass music. What makes this album, a mix of traditional bluegrass and gospel music with a little country thrown in for good measure, special is the harmony singing featured in most of the songs. Jamie Dailey has one of the purest (and highest) high tenor voices in the business and Darrin Vincent’s voice offers the perfect blend needed to create some memorable vocals.

Among the album’s strongest cuts are five gospel tunes, including an acappella performance of “Don’t You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die,” sung in four-part harmony and guaranteed to make you hold your breath as the lyrics seem to come faster and faster and get you wondering when the singers are going to run out of breath themselves. “By the Mark,” a song that should become part of every Dailey & Vincent performance if it’s not already, gives Jamie Dailey the chance to demonstrate that superb high tenor of his and is sure to be an album favorite.

The traditional bluegrass sound is well represented by standout songs such as “Cumberland River,” “Poor Boy Workin’ Blues” and my favorite, “Don’t You Call My Name.”

This is a first class album debut but that should not be surprising considering the decades of musical experience that Dailey and Vincent already have under their belts. The guys have surrounded themselves with some fine musicians and promise to be just as good on stage as they are on this recording.

Dailey & Vincent doing "By the Mark" - listen to the chorus for Jamie's wonderful high tenor sound (imagine this song with the proper amount of bass sound it has in the real world)

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