Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tainted Hero

What happens when a good man, a veteran of numerous Special Forces combat missions and a man still capable of the kind of physical violence that kept him alive during his days in the military, gives up on the formalities of society to keep his family safe? Is he still a hero if he takes the law into his own hands and eliminates those who threaten or harm his family because a legal system riddled with weak judges will no longer do the job for him?

That is the question explored by author Michael Davis in his new book, Tainted Hero, but ultimately it is a question each reader will have to answer for himself. Imagine what the world looks like through the eyes of Eric Emerson, a moral man who feels compelled to protect those who cannot protect themselves. He has tried to play by society’s rules and, as a result, has forever lost some of the people closest to him. Now he has had enough. He still has the skills and, just as importantly, some of the special equipment that enabled him to survive missions behind enemy lines and he decides to use them. Whether they call it revenge or they call it vigilante justice, can anyone blame him for punishing those who have caused him so much personal grief when the legal system refuses to do it?

By the time that Eric and Major Samantha Cassidy, stumble onto the existence of a secret government report predicting imminent world catastrophe, the pair have already butted heads with government officials, high-ranking military officers and defense contractors about a new defensive missile being tested for use by the American military. As they get closer and closer to the truth, and as they start to suffer the consequences, they realize that they are dealing with something much larger than they ever dreamed.

Eric is faced with the biggest moral issue of his lifetime when he has to decide what to do with the terrible information about his government’s intentions that he possesses. Should he expose the study or does justice require him to allow the plan to proceed, regardless of its cost?

Tainted Hero is an interesting thriller to be sure, and it leaves the reader with a difficult question to answer: Is a “tainted hero” still a hero or is that simply impossible to imagine? Judge for yourself.

Rated at: 3.5


  1. Untainted hero would be pretty impossible, unless perfection does exist. Sounds like a good book!

  2. Carrie, I do suppose that in the real world "untainted hero" is an oxymoron.