Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Fruitcake Lady (Truman Capote's Aunt)

Speaking of Truman Capote, here's a clip of one of his aunts, Edna Marie Rudisill, who is said to have had a hand in raising him. Ms. Rudisill apparently became somewhat of a celebrity on the Jay Leno Show and this is said to be typical of what she did on the show. The woman had no fear and pulled no punches. She's funny, if "R Rated."

I've been told that the lady passed away a year or so ago at about 95 years of age. I tried searching for more details via Google but came up empty. She was definitely a hoot and if she was anything like this when Truman was a boy he may have gotten some of his sense of humor and his sharp tongue from her.
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