Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TMI About Libraries?

At the risk of crossing the "Too Much Information" line, I have to tell you about the three rather disturbing library-related news articles I spotted this afternoon:

  • The Pennsylvania Superior Court, according to Penn.live has upheld the sentence handed out to a man who exposed himself to a woman in the Paoli Public Library.  Convicted of open lewdness and indecent exposure, the man was sentenced to 9 to 23 months in prison.  The county judge who imposed the sentence, in an understatement, put it this way, "People go to the library, you know, they expect to have peace and quiet...but not to be exposed to such rude behavior."
  • Another court decision, this one in Wisconsin, affirms that a patron does not have a constitutional right to watch pornography on a university computer.  The story comes from Minnesota.cbslocal.com and adds that the appellate court involved ruled unanimously that the $295 citation issued to the man was valid because he did not prove that his First Amendment rights include the right to watch pornography "in a public library or in any other public place."
  • And then there's the case of the recently identified serial-pooper who on two occasions decided to do his thing in a Bryn Mawr public library stairwell.  As of this afternoon, the man has not yet been arrested and charged with criminal mischief.  Facebook, according to the New York Daily News website is having fun with the story.  Comments there mention "the National Poo Database," "public enemy number 2," and the like.
What a day in the library...TMI?


  1. I volunteered in the main downtown branch of the Minneapolis library for two years. My shift was on Saturday mornings. Let's just say there is a horrifying number of people with bodily function issues who like to spend time in the library. They keep the janitorial staff hopping. Also, I will never sit in a soft chair in that library ever again.

    1. Those are words of wisdom, Stefanie...I will never look kindly upon a soft chair in a public setting again. Thanks for that...I think. :-)