Sunday, January 24, 2016

Social Justice Warriors Intimidate Canadian Independents to Pull Politically Out-of -Favor Authors from Shelves

Social Justice Warriors Always Lie by Vox Jay
What a damn shame.

Politics is a dirty word, especially these days when compromise seems to be an impossibility in the minds of those on either end of the political spectrum. Conservatives call liberal names; liberals blast conservatives for existing. And it seems to get worse every year.  But say what you will about conservatives, it does seem to me that political intolerance of the other side even existing and having a voice is more often a characteristic of the liberal left than of the conservative right.

Here's an example from Canada of the kind of personal attacks that those who pride themselves on their "tolerance" are capable of aiming at those who do not agree with them (per
File 770, the blog of three-time Hugo Award winner Mike Glyer, reports that bookstore owners in Toronto are being approached with negative information about authors who participated in the Sad Puppies Hugo Awards campaign.
The Sad Puppies campaign, as explained in the hyperlink above, was an attempt to expose political favouritism and intolerance in the sci-fi and fantasy community. If this latest incident is anything to go by, it continues to be a dispiriting success.
There is no doubt that some sci-fi authors hold views that are alien to much of mainstream, liberal opinion. However, the SJWs who are trying to drive them out continue to fail to grasp that no political opinion is justification for exclusion from awards participation, bookstores, or the sci-fi community at large. The point of sci-fi is good sci-fi, and the point of awards is to recognise good sci-fi, not politically conformist opinions. 

So is it acceptable to censor those whose political or social beliefs we disagree with? Can we not admit that some we disagree with are capable of creating worthy works of art?  Is this not, as Brietbart puts it, a little bit too "ISIS-like" to allow?  The scariest part of this whole thing is that, to a degree, it seems to be working.  Some Canadian independents have taken the targeted authors off their shelves.  GoodReads has closed at least nine author accounts on the site and banned those authors for good.

Really?  Is this what we've come to, people? 

What is happening in Toronto right now did not develop overnight. This ugly fight has been brewing for a while now - please click this link to get the rest of the story. 

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