Saturday, March 30, 2013

Notable Nonfiction: First Quarter 2013

I don't have ten nonfiction titles that I feel good about recommending as the first quarter of 2013 ends, but these five, I think, are worth your consideration:

1.  The Spark - Kristine Barnett  (Story of an autistic little boy whose IQ is higher than Einstein's) 
 2.  Mr. Lincoln's Battle with God - Stephen Mansfield  (This is not your father's Abe Lincoln)
3.  Butterfly in the Typewriter - Cory MacLauchlin  (Revealing John Kennedy Toole biography)
4.  Celebrating Pride and Prejudice - Susannah Fullerton  (Everything you wanted to know about the best loved novel ever written)
5.  Good Prose - Tracy Kidder, Richard Todd  (Part memoir, part writing manual co-authored by Kidder and his longtime editor)
I have high hopes for three or four other nonfiction titles that will reach the top of my TBR stack soon, but you can't go wrong with any of these.

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