Monday, March 04, 2013

Defacing Textbooks: An Asian Art Form

Via a rather complex but entirely random web-browsing route, I ended up at this morning and spotted a blog post all about how creatively Asian students deface the portraits in their school textbooks.

If these are really done by students (and who really knows?), these kids are a lot more creative than the high school population I was a part of:

Do follow the link I've highlighted to get back to the Kotaku website where you'll find lots more like these.  I suspect that some of them will make you smile this morning.

(Click on the images to view larger versions of each.)


  1. These are fabulous, but one of the reasons why I'd never have done anything like them is because I didn't want to risk not being able to sell my textbooks back. If I doodled, it was always in the margins. Doodling on top of textbook text would have given me cold sweats.

  2. Sam, I wonder if you have ever heard of a book called Marginalia? It is all about the justification for marking up books. There is some evil thing within me that makes me talk back to a book...even in ink. I have never regarded a book as sacred. Just as an interactive medium for me to use and abuse as I see fit.

  3. These days, Library Girl, I don't see how anyone can risk doing anything that might lessen the value of a college textbook. Those things cost a small fortune each. I hear you.

  4. I have heard of that book, Anonymous, but have never had my hands on it. I am not opposed to margin-notes either, but I seldom do it in hardcovers...for some reason, it does not bother me to mark up a paperback copy at all. I guess that's the book collector in me.

    BTW, I know that books with notations from famous people or authors go for a small fortune. I would love to get someone like that's personal reading copy of a book I've read...what a way to get an insight into their thinking.