Friday, August 19, 2011

Stephen King & Amy Tan with the Rock Bottom Remainders

Let's have a fun Friday.

Many of you, I"m sure, know of the Rock Bottom Remainders, a rock band in which (supposedly) you have to be an author to be a member.  The band members have come and gone at a pretty fair pace since the first group was formed back in 1992 for that year's ABA convention.  Some of the earliest Rock Bottom Remainders included: Dave  Barry, Stephen King, Maya Angelou, Scott Turow, Ridley Pearson, and Barbara Kingsolver.

This video is representative of what the band does.  It features Stephen King on vocals and "others," including guest Leslie Gore providing moral support.

If that didn't scare you away, here's Amy Tan singing "It's My Party." Now I see how Leslie Gore came to be on stage in the first video. Hey, they're having some fun, and that's what it's all about.  (Please do let me know if you recognize anyone else in either video.)

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